Optimise how you buy, sell, and rent

Proptech is a segment of technological development that aims to improve the real estate market, with innovative customer-centered products. Some products are softwares or applications, others are business and operational solutions.

The real estate industry evolves daily. Every day there are new technological solutions or alternative business models that impact and change the real estate market. We believe that Proptech is more of a mindset and an organizational choice rather than something that pertains only to a certain type of company.

Transforming an archaic industry

Proptech solutions can be applied to both commercial and residential properties as well as Home Services, Smart Homes, network of real estate professionals. Imagine if you can facilitate viewings, streamline the offer process, create algorithms for buying and selling online. They can be new platforms for property management or solutions that optimise how properties are rent, sold, and even bought. Proptech is also utilised with mobile applications, blockchain, wearable technologies.

Examples of Service Business Ideas that Bekudo offers for Proptech

  • Platform Development
  • Operations and Change Management
  • Self-guided visits
  • Indoor Mapping
  • App development
  • IoT
  • BlockChain
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analytics
  • Intellectual Property

Innovation starts from a Home in every country

In the Bekudo network, we have independent professionals that worked in Proptech companies or on-demand platforms, from Netflix to Postmates. There are also marketing managers who developed strategies from some of the biggest real estate brands in North America and Europe. We can combine business knowledge and digital transformation expertise to the technical development that your company needs to stay on top of the game. If you are a startup, you will need to leverage the experience of those who worked in the real estate industry for years. If you are a more traditional real estate company, you might want to leverage the most innovative and lean startup solutions. With Bekudo you have everything in a flexible and remote laboratory.

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