Marketing Transformation

Meet your customers in the right place

There are two types of companies:

A business who recognizes the importance of marketing and allocates the resources to strategize and execute marketing strategies in-house
A company who is not fully sure on whether working on brand identity and marketing mix is needed, but nevertheless believes it is something that sooner or later will need to be tackled.

Both scenarios present marketing transformation challenges. If either scenario speaks to you, you are likely to require support in deciding which steps you need to take for your marketing transformation, and how to execute these.

Project your customers into the future

You might wonder what we mean by Marketing Transformation. It is combining our expertise in marketing with the most advanced technological solutions where the customer is the sole/primary focus. (With a old but new Northern Star: the customer).
Your company aim is to position a brand and its products by targeting the right audiences. This would ultimately increase your bottom line while generating value for the clients. An effective marketing transformation combines a strong business intelligence, an honest relationship with the customers, and the ability to generate and transform leads.

Examples of Service Business Ideas that Bekudo offers for Marketing Transformation

  • Business Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Customer Engagement and Experiences
  • Content Design
  • Content Strategy and Content Writing
  • Digital Advertising and Performance Based Marketing
  • Content Marketing and Storytelling
  • Technology Ownership

We help you move into a different world

At Bekudo we apply Design Thinking methodologies to continuously help our clients transform their marketing initiatives. Design thinking is a cycle based on empathy, definition, ideation, prototype, and test.

Our professionals combine a mix of creative skills and highly technological experiences. We are convinced that these two components are the secret recipe for any successful marketing transformation strategy.

We all live and have lived abroad and think of ourselves as citizens of the world. This allows us to have the greatest level of empathy, enabling us to see things from your perspective, and most importantly, your customers’.

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