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Make things people like

Whether you are an architect, a real estate agency, or a policy maker that needs to engage a community in a specific space. If you are reading this, it means that you are intrigued by the concept of user-centered design. You are likely to have a product or service important for your business strategy which needs to work well and be (user-friendly) easy enough for your clients. You need someone who fully understands humans’ interaction with technologies and guide (could streamline) the development of solutions accordingly.

Keep investigating what your customers want

Experience Design is probably one of the most appropriate methods when it comes to blending humanistic approach with best technological solutions. Design means planning with a purpose. In this case, interfaces and interactions such as websites, softwares, applications make human lives easier. Also, experiences which happen offline like visitor centres, shopping experiences, public spaces. The key pillars of experience design are research, behavioural observations, interviews, sketching, prototyping, user testing.

Bekudo for Experience Design

  • Customer Experience Design
  • Service Design
  • Web UI Design
  • Product Design
  • Research, Testing, Prototyping
  • Social Impact
  • Experience Strategy
  • Product Methodologies
  • Community Engagement

We work together to solve problems ahead

Bekudo professionals have worked with different types of companies across the world, both within public and private sector. They have a clear experience with architecture, real estate, and design firms and can combine research, design, and coding. And, they are fully aware of the needs of your clients and your prospects, as well as of companies like yours.

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