It is time to make the future of work present

It is time to make the future of work present

Future of Work

Recently, on a flight from Tenerife, I brainstormed with the passenger seated next to me: ”We should find a way for companies to access workforce anywhere in the world but also refine the concept of talent matching”.

“What are you talking about?”, she asked. Up in the air and in between clouds, I was visualising a better way for independent professionals to come together. A combination of social recognition and freedom without compromising on the quality of projects assigned.

Fast forwarding to the present day, that passenger on my flight has become my business partner.

Bekudo is a reality today. My team and I are working hard towards the same goal: changing the way people work and live, helping companies innovate every day and be ready for the future.

We aim to facilitate the communication between human and machine in order to become extremely efficient for both businesses and independent professionals.
It is not just about finances and leadership style. It goes beyond that.

The human and technological intelligence behind Bekudo will help companies articulate their real needs in order to grow and innovate. We are building an augmented discovery journey based on data analysis and conversations to facilitate a perfect match between companies and independent professionals.
Bekudo offers a solution for companies to invest their budgets intelligently, identifying the best team of highly skilled professionals. At the same time, Bekudo helps independent professionals shed a new light on their career path, with projects which are enriching and add new value for career development.

Human connection is key in a world relying on technology now more than ever. Artificial Intelligence is powerful, and we want to use it for a specific scope: to help companies articulate their real needs.

Our Virtual Consultant and Virtual Mentor do not provide easy answers. We do not want to be a search engine. We want to be a tool supporting professionals at different levels of an organisation. Get to know themselves by asking the right questions before commencing any hiring process.

To begin this journey on the right path, here are the cornerstones of how I see the future of work today.

Flexible – I see talented professionals working from anywhere. It is time to allow access to international brands to those who are not living in big cities like London, Paris, Berlin or Barcelona.The same goes for companies. Through Bekudo, we want to build bridges between the remotest corners of the world.
Collaborative – Knowledge exchange will be fundamental to innovate companies and make them grow. I envision a present and a future where the best independent professionals can work together, optimising the projects delivered to companies and achieving higher results.
Innovation – Companies will be forced to address problems they would have never encountered. So companies will always need new talents to solve new problems. When looking for talents, why limit your search to who is close by when the world is available?
Human and Machine – AI will help augment companies and analyse data in a more efficient and fast way without sacrificing the human side of business. I am convinced that we won’t be replaced entirely by a machine. There is still an enormous gap between what many people do in jobs today, and what robots and AI can replace.

I invite all of you to be part of this amazing journey to change together the future of work.

Emma Perrotta is the CEO and Co-Founder of Bekudo.