Coworking Spaces: evolution and future of work

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On the 28th and 29th of June 2018, London will host the 5th Coworking London Conference. We sat in front of the smartphone camera with Pier Paolo Mucelli, founder of eOffice and organizer of the conference, and Emma Perrotta, Bekudo cofounder and CEO, to talk about how coworking spaces evolved in the last 16 years. And what independent professionals and freelancers need from coworking spaces.


What is the Coworking London Conference

The Coworking London Conference builds dialogues and exchange on two topics that are deeply intertwined. On one side there is the future of work, and the evolving needs, challenges and opportunities for companies and professionals. On the other side, there is the evolution and differentiation of the flexible working spaces, particularly those that are being planned, built and organized to host diverse ecosystems constituted by smaller and larger companies, and communities of independent professionals.

According to a recent research published by the real estate company Cushman & Wakefield London is confirming itself as the capital of coworking spaces. “Since 2012, flexible workplace leasing has represented an average of 2.9% of the market in Manhattan, compared to 10.6% in London”, we can read in the Cushman & Wakefield report.

The Coworking London Conference is organized on a 2-days program. The first day will cover the topics more related to the real estate industry, while the second day will have a stronger focus on environment, design and the future of work. It will be an itinerant conference, allowing the audience to explore 4 different coworking spaces in London: eOffice in Soho, Fora Space in Clerkenwell, White Collar Factory in Old Street, and Mind Space in Shoreditch.

The Evolution of Coworking Spaces and their relevance for freelancers around the world

In the video interview Pier Paolo and Emma shared their perspectives on the evolution of the coworking spaces. Pier Paolo Mucelli described what he has seen in the past 16 years. It was 2002 when he founded one of the first managed offices in London. The word “coworking” didn’t even exist at that time. Now specialization, design, and planning need to take into account the flexibility required by both side of the world of work: the companies and the professionals.

Flexibility is a keyword used by Emma Perrotta. As the co-founder of a distributed network of freelancers across the world, Emma is very focused on the evolving needs of a movement of independent professionals who wants to choose not only the project that they work on but also the better location to execute their projects. We reached a point where flexibility (of contracts, of solutions, of spaces, of relationships) is even more important than affordability and amenities.

How to buy the tickets for the Coworking London Conference

The 6 minutes interview with Pier Paolo Mucelli and Emma Perrotta is only a teaser. The best is to buy the tickets to attend the 5th Coworking London Conference  on EventBrite. And yes, you can use the Bekudo code if you want to get a 10% discount. Just type bekudo10.

Emma Perrotta, CEO and cofounder of Bekudo, will be one of the speakers of the Coworking London Conference on the 29th of June, with a presentation titled “A Freelancer is not a commodity”.

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