Be a freelance: the advice that no one gave you when you were at school

Be a freelance: the advice that no one gave you when you were at school

Choose a freelance career

It was missing when you and I were born: the manual to direct our lives. No panic, our parents and school beavered away at getting us ready … for work … for a career ?
NO, most of us didn’t get adequate career advice from school, parents, friends, family or employers.

I was lucky back then when I joined Arthur Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) as they had a career map ready for the next decade, complete with industry and specialist choices. For mavericks, becoming a partner – with all the perks – was in (distant) view. Well that was the last time I had such perspective. Since then I’ve been left to my own to figure out who I was and what options to choose from in my career. But the freelance work ethic was planted from day one and so I learned over time that Self-Directed Careers are key to Human Realization. But why should it take you that long to figure this out ?

So are you on top of your freelance career?

Many people shift from one assignment to another, with some taking safe bets and others going for bolder moves.  Some realize in hindsight that some of their choices were not the best possible. With ever shorter time in freelance tour of duties, there is only ONE PERSON who should take ownership: YOU!

What does it take?

It’s easy to get started, beginning with the Self-Discovery of your key interests, skills, personal traits, and what makes you unique. To then identify where in the World of Work you want to get leverage, and then nailing that ideal role as a building block for a satisfying career.

Do I need a coach?

Although you would like to do this yourself, experience tells us that skilled career coaches can apply expertise gained from comparable cases and most importantly keep you honest and on track…

What are the key ingredients for Independent Professional Careers?

  • Career Focus describes your Main Motivators and Main Pitfalls. The Motivators indicate which career values are most important to you in your professional career. When considered in your career choices, they are most likely to contribute to a feeling of personal success and satisfaction. Not acknowledging your primary Motivators will most likely result in walking right into your Main Pitfalls, leading a feeling of unhappiness or a lack of job-satisfaction.
  • Career Power indicates your typical disposition towards managing your own career. The four key elements of effective career self-management are focus, capacity to imagine and explore options, pro-activeness, and mobility.
  • Career Energy represents the level of energy you currently have and the extent to which you are stretched. An adequate balance of Energy & Stress has been shown to positively influence engagement, performance and job satisfaction in general. In general, being ‘in flow’ – with high levels of self-efficacy, hope, resilience, and optimism – will have a positive impact on your career aspirations.

I am pleased to join Bekudo in their quest to build a platform where independent professionals and the world of work can meet around great opportunities and challenges! We’ll help businesses articulate their assignments and cultural context as best as possible. We’ll coach freelancers in formulating the richness of their expertise and work preferences. Great encounters are in the making from thereon, not just for solo players but for teams will jell well. The Path to satisfying career paths is being paved!

Philip Vanhoutte is Bekudo’s Inception Advisor. After a rewarding international career in the ITC industry his passion for personal productivity tools and communication and collaboration solutions has morphed into a singular purpose: accelerating the realisation of human potential. Philip champions Smarter Working and Careers. On the 30th of January Philip will co-host the first Bekudo Webinar sharing advice on how to become a better freelance