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Augmented Reality for Real Estate
Why Augmented Reality and Other Technologies In Your Marketing Strategy Can Benefit Real Estate

Let's continue our investigation on the most innovative marketing transformation strategies for real estate companies. A couple of weeks ago we defined with one our content writers, Elizabeth, which type of expertise is needed in content strategy for real estate. This week we continue our exploration of the Bekudo network of independent professionals with Gina,...

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coworking spaces marketing
Coworking Spaces: 4 leverages you can work on for your marketing strategies

We were among the speakers of the 5th eOffice Coworking London Conference. Our focus was the future of work. And the increasing role of freelancers for flexible offices and coworking spaces. It was a great opportunity to hear professional perspectives and best practices. The conference was structured in a very useful way. It started with...

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Content Strategy for real estate
Content strategy for real estate: the secret of success of a professional content writer

Content strategy and content marketing are two of the most recurrent keywords in the digital marketing ecosystem. It is very common for a company to look for a content writer - often a freelance content writer - to take care of the crafting of effective and compelling stories for the different marketing assets. The real...

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Freelance Career Coaching
Why Freelancers Need Career Coaching

Search for "freelance career coaching" on Google. The impression is that the main beneficiaries of this type of coaching are employees who want to transition into freelancing. Does this mean that experienced freelancers don’t need coaching? It is quite the opposite. The most experienced freelancers are those who should consider investing some time in a...

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coworking london
Coworking Spaces: evolution and future of work

In preparation of the 5th Coworking London Conference, a video interview with Pier Paolo Mucelli, founder of one of the first coworking in London, and Emma Perrotta, co-founder of Bekudo. How Coworking Spaces evolved and why they are relevant for freelancers in London, and across the world.

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The Importance of Business Strategy
If you want to kill your business, keep ignoring the business strategy

The number of small-medium companies that fail is sadly high. There is only one key to make sure that your business will thrive: working smartly on your business strategy. The Managing Director of European Business Advisory shares the two key foundations of a business strategy that contributes to the business growth: understanding and planning.

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Why Hiring Freelancers
12 powerful reasons why you should hire more independent professionals. And, no, cheap labour is not one of them.

Cutting costs is not a good reason to hire freelancers and independent professionals. This interview identifies 12 keywords that can help managers to think why hiring independent professionals in the strategic roles is a great business idea.

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freelance career coach
4 smart career tips that a good career coach should give to a freelance

How to stand out, how to educate companies to remote work, how to define your daily fee, how to choose a freelance career. A mini-guide to a successful career as an independent professional by Philip Vanhoutte.

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Alternative to the Gig Economy
Are you a Smart Company? There is an alternative to the gig economy

When you need to hire freelancers gig economy platforms are not the only solution. Emma Perrotta, CEO and co-founder of Bekudo, explains why companies who want to innovate need to find quality independent professionals. And why Independent Professionals are a key category for the future of work.

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