Why Bekudo

At Bekudo, we are building an intelligent way to match businesses with teams of freelancers and independent professionals. To gain the competitive edge, enterprises and startups need to unlock the specialist expertise and experience of independent professionals.

Our market research showed that on average, one quarter of company hiring budget is wasted on bad hires. Not knowing specifically what expertise is required has an impact on performance and productivity. Hiring managers are usually left to fend for themselves at a computer search bar. At Bekudo, we think there is a better way. Conversation is the key to articulating your company’s needs.

Virtual Consultant and Virtual Mentor

Bekudo’s Virtual Consultant takes companies on a discovery journey, helping them articulate their growth and innovation needs and matching them with the right independent professionals.

Our Virtual Mentor supports independent professionals to take their career to the next level, moving from tasks and assignments towards mid and long term challenging projects where they can interact with other compatible professionals across borders.

What Does Bekudo Offer?

  • Conversational Discovery Process
  • Compatibility Signals (company culture, values, aspirations…)
  • A commitment to Equality and Diversity with genderless, ageless and raceless matching results
  • Cross-functional teams
  • No fees for independent professionals who are assigned projects
  • Custom kick off, milestones and delivery methodology
  • Project based, instead of by the hour

How Bekudo works now

We are on a quest to make it simple for companies and freelancers to find their ideal match, through interaction with our Virtual Consultant and Virtual Mentor. As we iterate and improve our web- and voice-based Conversational Discovery Process, feedback from our community will guide us in creating a personalised experience that delights companies and freelancers alike.

What is Bekudo

How Bekudo will work in the future

We will never stop being artisans of human connections powered by data. In the long run, Bekudo will become more and more powered by machine learning and Natural Language Processing.

Our aim is to build a team of anthropologists, linguists, psychologists, neuroscientists, career advisors, information architects, and specialists in the different areas of expertise that we cover to power the Virtual Consultant and the Virtual Mentor. And we will never stop asking our clients and our independent professionals to share feedback and ideas with us.

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