What is Bekudo

A diverse workforce ecosystem

Bekudo is the largest premium network of independent professionals. We are specialised in marketing and technological transformation. Our independent professionals generate intelligent and beautiful solutions combining arts, technologies, research, and business strategy.

We are proud to promote independent and distributed work across the world. We don’t work in silos. We are a symphony. Each expertise is connected to another to provide best in class experience for your company.

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How You Work With Us

Articulate your needs

Our methodology helps you articulate your mid- and long-term strategy. Define the needs, and get a clear assessment of what makes your company unique.

Keep Innovating

Get introduced to a compatible independent professional who will take care of your project. We study your needs and company. And you work only with vetted members of our network.

Flexible and Compatible Teams

A team of highly skilled professionals gives you the flexibility to rely on some of the most innovative minds. Regardless of their location. We match the team members with each other and with you based on their compatibility. This guarantees execution at the highest standards.


We define your KPIs and requirements. We support you in the kickoff of the project. We establish clear milestones. We follow the delivery until we all achieve a mutual satisfaction.

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