The virtual consultant that matches you

with the best independent professionals to innovate your business

Bekudo is a Virtual Consultant that helps companies articulate the expertise they need to grow and innovate their business and matches them with independent professionals. Bekudo makes the optimum match based on skills, experience and company culture, but is blind to race, age, gender and location.

Why Choose Us?

Identify the right project

Budgets are limited, goals are ambitious. Our Virtual Consultant asks you the right questions to articulate your need, goals, KPIs.

We find you a team

No one is great at everything. We help you to split your budget among the best team of professionals, to ensure the highest standard in all areas.

Culture Matters

Cultural fit is as important as skills and expertise. The story of individuals is what makes them interesting as well as competent.

Motivated Professionals

Our independent professionals define the type of projects they want to work on and have the possibility to work with compatible talents. Happy professionals means happy customers.

Augmented Briefing

Briefing a freelancer is one of the biggest challenges. Thanks to our augmented briefing we make sure that the entire team is aligned.

No Shortage of local talent

Why limit your quest for the best talent to your surroundings? Find the best independent professionals regardless their location.

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The Bekudo Methodology

We help you think deeper before your hire freelancers.

Understand what you need to grow your business and then find the best people for your company.

01Virtual Consultant
Assess business needs
02Augmented Briefing
Validate your briefing
With the best fitting team
Milestones to ensure quality

What does Growth mean?

Marketing & Communication

The strategic power of creativity

From brand identity to lead generation, from content marketing to digital advertising budgets, don’t get lost into the jungle of marketing buzzwords.

Business Development

It is not just about signing the contract

Gone are the days of the sales rep as a lone wolf. From a good set-up for the CRM to the qualification of leads, business development is key to growth and profit.

Product & Engineering

Building the infrastructure of your success

There is no growth hacking without the right user experience and the best engineers to execute what you need to reach your customers.

Data Analysis

The stories and the answers behind numbers

Measure the ROI of your strategies, leverage your analytics to define the right metrics, meaningful KPIs and make intelligent decisions.

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